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Lonely Planet with MLTDWN

April 29, 2014

We predict that this original Kingstonian fast-food joint is going to go global. You won’t be able to resist the calorific goodness oozing from just about every conceivable twist on the humble grilled cheese sandwich…especially if it’s late and you’re stumbling back from the pub. Cheesetastic.

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The 9-Cheeser

April 29, 2014

For National Grilled Cheese Day, Aly and Rahim created this monster of a sandwich using every cheese in the building.

Get a look at how they put this 9 Cheese Son-Of-A-Gun together.

Even though this was a one time only sandwich, but you can still find it tucked away on the secret menu – but you need the code word: 9-Cheese-Please (most polite code word ever?!?)


Ruby TV – TFO

January 23, 2014

A small interview we did with Ruby TV discussing the concept and vision of MLTDWN.  Our concept was quite new, and viewers got a small glimpse into what we were all about.

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